4ème trimestre 2009 : Plus de 200 nouveaux clients ont migré leurs workloads critiques vers des solutions de serveurs et stockage IBM
IBM dévoile un nouveau logiciel pour faciliter la migration des clients.

Armonk, N.Y - 26 janv. 2010: IBM (NYSE : IBM) a annoncé aujourd’hui qu’au 4ème trimestre 2009, plus de 200 clients ont migré leurs workloads critiques de systèmes Sun et HP vers des solutions de serveurs et stockage IBM. IBM a également dévoilé un nouveau logiciel qui permet aux clients d’accélérer et d’automatiser leurs projets de migration.

Depuis qu’IBM a mis en place, il y a quatre ans, son programme « Migration Factory » pour aider les clients à migrer sur ses systèmes, environ 2 200 entreprises ont migré de systèmes Sun et HP vers des solutions de serveurs et stockage IBM. En 2009, plus de 800 clients ont migré sur des serveurs et solutions de stockage IBM Power Systems, System x® et System z®, dont 550 en provenance de Sun et près de 250 de HP.

En se basant sur les centaines de migrations de systèmes concurrents vers IBM, les développeurs d’IBM ont créé de nouveaux outils logiciels qui automatisent une grande partie des processus manuels dans le but d’accélérer les migrations Sun.





Armonk, N.Y - 26 janv. 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that more than 200 customers moved critical business workloads to IBM systems and storage from Sun and HP systems in the fourth quarter of 2009. IBM also unveiled new software that helps customers accelerate and automate their migration projects.

Since IBM established its Migration Factory program four years ago to help clients move to IBM systems, nearly 2,200 companies have switched to IBM systems and storage from Sun and HP. In 2009, more than 800 customers migrated to IBM Power Systems, System x® and System z® servers and storage solutions, including nearly 550 from Sun and nearly 250 from HP. 

Based on hundreds of migrations from competitive systems to IBM, IBM developers have created new software tools that automate many of the manual processes to help accelerate Sun migrations. This software automatically discovers and identifies the Sun assets, provisions the new target IBM environment, and streamlines workload transitions -- optimized across hardware, software and processes.  

The software can speed migrations from Sun Solaris to Linux or AIX®, IBM's UNIX® operating system, as well as applications and middleware to IBM systems. This workload-centric methodology has shortened the provisioning step from weeks to days for some clients.

Customers are turning to IBM for risk-mitigation in moving off Sun and HP platforms and for IBM's long-term investments in integrated systems -- industry-leading hardware, systems software and middleware -- and stable, innovative product roadmaps, producing systems that are designed for emerging workloads such as business analytics.

For UNIX servers,, IBM has gained 12 points of revenue share in the past five years through 3Q09 according to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, and IBM stated that it gained four points of revenue share in 4Q09 for Power Systems.  IBM increased the revenue generated from Power Systems from competitive displacements of customers, primarily Sun and HP, to more than $200 million in 4Q 2009. This amounts to more than $600 million in sales from UNIX competitive takeouts for IBM in 2009.

IBM also stated that System x took three points of share in the 4Q09, marking the fourth consecutive quarter of share gains. And IBM reported that its storage business gained share in 4Q09.

In 2009, more than 200 customers migrated from HP software to IBM software representing a 200 percent year-over-year revenue increase.

IBM has moved customers from competitive systems to IBM systems in industries such as financial services, telecommunications, public sector, healthcare, retail, and mid-market.


About Migration Factory

IBM has built a world-class migration capability to help customers move from their current non-IBM gear to IBM systems - the IBM Migration Factory. The highly successful program includes competitive server assessments, migration services, and other resources.

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